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Item Description
blue cotton candy
pink cotton candy
purple cotton candy
moss diffuser
ocean diffuser
midnight diffuser
red magic mushroom
yellow magic mushroom
Seasonal Items
cosmic crisp apple
pint of strawberries
pint of raspberries
pint of blackberries
apple cider diffuser
pumpkin spice diffuser

My Cart:

Item Description Purchased
onigiri Aisha
cuckoo clock AntiKrist
tree sapling AntiKrist
ladybug cinni
cherry soda draco
bitty bonsai draco
hamham mug Jane
goldfish cracker jester
crt monitor and keyboard Karithina
furby Karithina
rainbow slinky Karithina
sand dollar Karithina
strawberry soy milk Kei
hedgehog Key
root beer Key
12" Vinyl Record PAINTKILLER
crystal ball robyn
rainbow crystal shard robyn
chocolate donut robyn
rainbow fairy pony Rose Dryad
pepperoni pizza Shelley
diamond Solaria
sparkle orb Solaria
star gem Solaria
strawberry Solaria
soot sprite toonie
banshee vanilla latte VenCake

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Latest News

9/14 - Added some new dolls, joined the Jar Jam, applied to RPG Club

9/2 - New menu!

7/30 - Incredibly minor updates due to being busy with the dollmaker, added some dolls

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