still under construction as of September 2023

9/2/23 I had covid last month, so I got almost nothing done. I'm on the mend, now, so I finally got my new menu up and running. I was still working on it when I got sick, and now that I have a little more energy, I've finished it. There's more to it than what you see because I went ahead and made menu buttons for all my future plans. I still have a few tweaks to do before it's totally done, but for now, I'm thrilled just to have done something.

7/30/23 This is taking longer than I thought it would, but that's only because I keep making it complicated. I ran what I had so far by a family member, and she said I needed more straight hairstyles, shoes, accessories, and short dresses, so I have been working nonstop on making more heads. This is gonna be a formal/prom dollmaker bc I want to finish it yesterday. Here is an example of some of the dolls that can be made with what I have so far:

7/13/23 I spent the last two weeks making props for a dollmaker, and I'd say I'm about halfway there. I decided not to do separate hair and heads, which means there'll be separate tabs for hair colors. So far, it's got formal dresses and casual hairstyles, so I need to either make some more casual clothes or more fancy hair. I might just focus on the hair for now becasue I like making formalwear more than casual wear. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the dollmaker and share it soon. I'm really excited about it.

6/28/23 Most of the basic pages are up, but not everything's there yet. Obviously I will be adding more dolls and more pixels. I'd like to make a couple more div boxes for the side panels and to expand my clubs sections.

To do:
  • add more dolls 7/13
  • set up a greenhouse for a webgarden (the webgarden has been made)
  • build shelves for Afternoon Tea cups 7/1
  • build a link wall 7/13
  • look into getting a guestbook, compare it with cbox to see which I like better
  • make some friends 7/13
  • make even more friends
  • dig up my old pixel art on my old computer
  • build a crafts section

Doll by me
Revival base by Emily

rpg club Poison he/him Homoromantic Pansexual
Trans Man

Latest News

9/14 - Added some new dolls, joined the Jar Jam, applied to RPG Club

9/2 - New menu!

7/30 - Incredibly minor updates due to being busy with the dollmaker, added some dolls

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