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Nemo * he/him * early 30s * PNW * former barista

Hello, and welcome to my website! I've always wanted a website, so I made this one! Some of the things I plan to include are my own pixel art (including dollz, maybe even a dollmaker one day) and some craft patterns. I love making things by hand, so expect things along those lines.

My inspirations include the pacific northwest, botany, fairytales, and mythology. I feel like I live in an enchanted forest sometimes. Technically, I live near Stardew Valley. The size of those leaves in the picture isn't a photography trick. Those are Acer macrophyllum, or Big Leaf Maple leaves, and they're touching my face. They really are bigger than my head!

You can expect to see some 20th-century influence here, too (I was there!). One of my main goals with the aesthetics of this site is to have a place to go when the world is a little too much for me. I might include a playlist or hand-recorded rain sounds at some point.

rpg club Poison he/him Homoromantic Pansexual
Trans Man

Latest News

9/14 - Added some new dolls, joined the Jar Jam, applied to RPG Club

9/2 - New menu!

7/30 - Incredibly minor updates due to being busy with the dollmaker, added some dolls

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The Large Blue butterfly is a species of carnivorous butterfly, and went extinct in Britain in 1979. It has since been reintroduced with new conservation methods.

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